Accountability Coaching

accountability coaching

Are you

  • Wanting support in a challenging area of your personal or business life?
  • Needing help prioritising, getting focus and moving forwards towards a goal?
  • Seeking objective help from someone who will not judge or influence you?

Success won’t come tomorrow, unless you start today

What to Expect

An Accountability coach works with you on a one-to-one basis to provide support, encouragement and a reality check to help you achieve your goals.  Research shows that accountability is one of the key indicators of successful goal achievement.  When a goal is shared with another person, it becomes a real commitment, not just a thought or aspiration.

Together, using the SMART model, we will ensure your goals are attainable, realistic and timely.   As your coach, I will “hold up a mirror” to help you work through what may be holding you back and stopping you move forward.  I will help you stay focused, motivated, and committed.

Coaching sessions can be booked individually, in 3 or 6 sessions over an agreed period of time.  During our initial consultation we will discuss the most effective option for you taking into account your lifestyle and commitments.